Friday, July 23, 2010

A Mother's Plea - True Story

I am a mother that is in desperate need of assistance with her 28 year old daughter, Daniele. Daniele has been diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. This disease has an unknown origin and is trying to claim my daughter’s life. It has destroyed approximately 72% of her lungs and some days claim usage of her joints. She is on full disability and is not able to work. Yet, she still must try to maintain a household to include two very young children, one of which is in kindergarten and the other is just a toddler. She has just completed a 5 day pre-transplant series of tests at Duke Hospital in Durham, North Carolina. Both lungs will need to be replaced very soon. Her condition is continuing to worsen as time goes on. She is not able to fully engage with her children and enjoy this time of their lives as one would expect from a mother of her age.

In order for Daniele to completely qualify for the transplant she must relocate to within 30 minutes of Duke Hospital. Daniele is from the mid west (St Louis MO) she currently resides in Raeford, North Carolina. This means she must care for two households on disability alone. Her children will not be able to relocate with her due to the extensive pre and post transplant regime.

We need your help!

Gie Brown


Note: Gie is my high school classmate and her plea is genuine. Check out the website she created to help raise the funds for treatment because she has overexended herself to do all she can.

On facebook: Gie Brown (Gisele Williams) and Daniele Thomas

Please do what you can and give as you feel inspired - yes times are hard for us all but no one should face the thought of loosing a child! Free free to do your own research Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts, prayers, mediations and emotional support.

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