Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Greek Sterotypes (humor)

All of you know I am a Que and yet does the stereotype fit me 100% - NO!

Here's an email that Ingrid sent me. However, these are just stereotypes and you will find all types of people in every single black fraternity and sorority. Do NOT believe the hype!

Ever wanted the 411 on Black Greeks? If you are not Greek, just remember this is just a stereotype and should not discourage you from becoming a member of any one of these fraternities or sororities. Each represents positive unity in brotherhood and sisterhood at your college and/or university. These Greeks bring African-American tradition to your campus and hold a major and power voice for your student body.

These Organizations will help enrich your college and university years and many fun memories after. But...

Code Name:
Mr. Money Maker
Intelligent is an understatement. This brother is definitely "book smart". He is usually an engineer, math or science major and usually fragile looking. They will always be proud to be the first and will let you know by stuttering it - (one, one, one, nine, oh six, oh six). Although the AKA’s are his sisters, he doesn't seem to be interested in women at all. He certainly won't liven up a party; but he makes an excellent study partner.

ADVANTAGE: He will usually find a good paying job; and he's very stable and responsible.

DISADVANTAGE: He may bore you to death, or leave you for a man!

Code Name: Mr. What's Your Pleasure
He's not called a "Que Dog" for nothing! All the women on and off campus, young and old, want him because he is sexy, attractive, and extremely charismatic. He has the body of a football player and the instinct of a Spartan Infantry Warrior. He can charm the panties off ANY women he wants. If you want this brother, get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life, and hold on tight! If you don't he will slip through your fingers. Don't worry; he'll visit occasionally around midnight. Has no problem getting a woman, but has BIG problems keeping them because every time he settles down with one he likes, she cheats on him with his arch enemy - the Nupe (Kappa)! No man can liven up a party like he can, but you must have plenty of alcohol. Get the 30-gallon trash can out and start preparing the "Purple Passion" for the bruhs. He loves to party and hang with the Deltas, but he will marry the AKA because she is willing to put up with his crap. He did NOT go to college to become a doctor, lawyer, etc. He enrolled to become a QUE, so he is not focused on his graduation date. He just doesn't have time
to study! These are the only brothers who will show up at a college party no matter how old they are because his party instinct will never die out.

ADVANTAGE: Life won't be boring with them.

DISADVANTAGE: Life may be too eventful; you might prefer less drama and more fidelity.

Code Name: Mr. Don't I Look Good
If you like your man thinking he looks better than you do, the NUPE is the one! Sisters only spit game if they dare. If he wants you, consider yourself BLESSED! Don't even think you got a chance if your hair is shoulders, or at least have that potential. He loves the AKA's and as I stated before, he doesn't have to compete with the Alpha's. However the Deltas, Sigma Gamma Rhos, the Zetas, the Sweethearts, Eastern Stars, and the non-Greek females have all been notches on his bedposts at one time or another. He is immaculate in his appearance. He is well spoken and well groomed. His crib is pretty laid also; he has beautiful artwork and all! His car is always clean and it's a nice ride. Let's face it, this brother looks good! Unfortunately, he is only good for "show" because he doesn’t like to break a sweat. He also doesn't want any sweat on him. At the beginning of each fall school year he seems to nab a couple of incoming freshmen females no matter how old he is and how young THEY ARE. Graduation might happen in about 6 or 7 years (he has to have a full time job to keep up with EVERY Greek event complete with new outfit and cane). Or they might just walk to make the chapter look good, but he will still be on the yard for another year... finishing up!

ADVANTAGES: You will get excellent gifts; his taste is incredible and he is very romantic.

DISADVANTAGES: He is in serious debt because he can't afford his lifestyle and you may find yourself fighting with his groupies or being stalked by his psycho ex-lovers.

Code Name: Mr. Country
These brothers are just doing their own thing, hanging out with the Zetas. You just can't stereotype this breed. They wanted to be tough as Ques and pretty as the Nupes, so they decided to be a bit of both in the Blue. This group of brothers wanted to pledge, but didn’t fit in with the other frats. In fact, their pledge period lasts only a week. They will argue you up and down that they give wood (hazing), but only make their pledges do push ups and sit ups. They come in all shapes, sizes, intellectual levels, and personalities. Let's just call them "potluck". They claim that they were the first cane twirlers, yet a chapter is lucky if one can twirl a cane. But what is really known is that they all are country as hell for some reason.

ADVANTAGES: They can't be stereotyped;, will not
cheat on their girl.

DISADVANTAGES: You don't know what to expect.

Code Name: Mr. You Always Forget About Us There is
not much to say of these brothers. They always seem to be popping up randomly at universities with no chapter to claim. Most people confuse this fraternity with an international society or an African club. They never get on anyone's nerves because they are so quiet. Give this fraternity another 40 or 50 years to earn a stereotype.



Name: Ms. Vogue
This is the sister that was on the ball. She is involved in most of the campus organizations and activities that provided major exposure. She's known by everyone. Graduated in 3.5 years; she shows great initiative. Attractive, I must say. Hair, for the most is always done, and her wardrobe is tight. She passes the brown paper bag test. Most guys would date her, but reconsider after they discover her messed-up attitude and high dollar dates. Composed in the public eye; behind closed doors, a major freak! The Alphas are her brothers, but she really wants to claim the NUPES because of that common prettiness. She prefers the QUES behind closed doors to take care of that freaky side that is hard for others to satisfy.

ADVANTAGE: Would produce good-looking kids.

DISADVANTAGE: High maintenance. If you have a political career, the indiscretion might come up!

Code Name: Ms. I'm Every Woman, It's All In Me She never considered AKA. Definitely never even thought about joining AKA, the attitude was beneath her. Ride or Die, very bright, usually at the top of their class! Down-to-earth, witty, and short-tempered. She can hold down her own at a bar and in a boardroom. She's confident in herself, intellectual, magnetic, and very business oriented. She isn't just involved in campus organizations, SHE RUNS THEM. Loves the Ques just because. Proud to have her own everything and will let you know that it's hers and she doesn't need a man for anything, except for sex. If she does sleep with you, she will cut off the supply in a minute because she knows there is another brother coming along. People, beware if you decide to mess with this girl. She will cut
you with a switch blade in a second and question your innocence later. "What!!!... Mutherf**ker, I know you didn't!!!" (SLASH, SLASH, SLASH)

ADVANTAGES: She's a DELTA, need I say more!!!

DISADVANTAGES: Be cautious about making her your girl, she's headstrong and will NOT tolerate the mess!!! Men, sleep with one eye open!!!

Code Name: Ms. I Wanna Be Down
This is a really grass roots sister. She is sophisticated on the East Coast, dangerous on the West Coast, cute in the Midwest, and LARGE Down South. Involved in campus activities and organizations you never knew existed. She is pretty well rounded and common. Man, this chick can cook! Talk about sisterhood, she never rolls solo! Two or three Sorors go wherever she goes. She thinks Sigmas are the best thing since sliced bread. It is common to see her and her Sigma boyfriend at a step show with their one-year-old son (usually fathered by a NUPE). Dependable friend when times get hard. Usually has some eclectic personality (tarot card reader, voodoo witch, dread locked weed smoker). Was probably the pee-pee girl in elementary school or the one that ate her own boogers. Has a weight control problem (because of all the soul food she eats). It also makes you think why the Delta’s mascot is an elephant when these sisters come to the party in large herds. Often reads or writes poetry because she has a lot of free time. She is subject to fall in love over the Internet or on a telephone party line.

ADVANTAGES: You'll never have to worry about Sunday dinner.

DISADVANTAGES: Could be a stain on your rep if anyone found out you creep with her on a regular basis.

Code Name: Ms. Independent and Free, Our
Organization is Part of NPHC? She's a really sweet person although kinda nerdy in a cute way. You saw her all the time on the yard and didn't know they had a chapter at your school and that she was a member. She's fascinated by the notion that her organization is somehow connected to Kappa Alpha Psi. In an around about way, she reminds you of Ms. Plain Jane. They have a lot in common yet her cookin’ is not off the chain. Sometimes, you think to yourself, she's kinda cute. Where has she been hiding?

ADVANTAGES: Will not stain your reputation and has a tremendous upside.
She belongs to an organization that has seen a surge in popularity recently. Content with any kind of attention, doesn’t mind if there are no strings attach.

DISADVANTAGES: We wish those fine Kappa's would accepts us as


Code Name: Ms. Set It Out
These people are weird. They might as well pledge a sorority, but their G.P.A. will not allow them. Usually gossiped as being set out by the fraternity or having sex with one of the fraternity brothers they are linked to. They will walk around proud when everyone else will be laughing at them when they walk away. They usually do small chores and are used just for that.

ADVANTAGE: Able to get into the fraternity party they are associated to for free.

DISADVANTAGE: Used, laughed at, and will always be remembered that way.

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Anonymous said...

Good Post but a lot of that stuff depends on the school I've been to several and visited several For instance @ Fisk The only party you want to go to is an Alpha Party because it's safe, @Fisk don't go to an Omega party unless you are shall I say it a straight up HO. I went to Hampton University also and I know nothing about the Omega's I just know that they cry online and my mother who went to Hampton also still talks about how mean they were and how one jerked the lamp out of another's hand until it bled but the administration is controlled by Omega's so some may be intelligent. Still the only party to go to at Hampton was a Kappa party I never went to one of those I was more into the Alt people. At Fisk the guys in blue were loyal and the nice guys , as for being gay I think that depends on the school also. My mother said the Kappas were gay when she attended, there was one Gay alpsh that I knew of but there are a lot of Omegas that I see just walking down the street in Atlanta during a major event that look turned out.

As for the women lately and I dont know how old you are AKA's are losing the gloss and Deltas are quickly replacing them it's a toss up. I wont get into the negatives about these ladies but after taking my daughter to one who was a dentist I find it impossible to take her to a dentist because of what she did to her mouth she messed it up. We had a nice Jewish dentist who specifically told me not to go to any of these ladies they just wanted the money and I did anyway. I think the step show where the white girls actually one and the AKA's protested until they won prize money too exemplifies who they are. Still this may be the deep south ones in college I loved the AKA's because of there style.

Deltas I love Deltas they will give you there last dime they go the extra mile for everyone. The best teacher for your child is a Delta teacher. I love Delta's.

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