Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Perception and decision making

Have been in a few discussion on innovation as well as watching some shows. One of the shows I watched Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - which is a variant of the original Kamen (Masked) Rider Ryuki. While it is an adaptation the American version aside from costumes, props and some (not all) characters actually shares little with the original but the special effects are way better. The assumption for some would be same show so aside from English must be the same right - this is an example of a perception that if we do not verify we wrongly assume an incorrect premise to be accurate when it is in fact false.

Do our perceptions and preconceived motions affect our decision making:
  • Are we aware of how they affect us?
  • Can our short term decisions have long term ramifications?
  • If we qualify the criteria used to make a decision do our biases cause us to make better or worse quality choices?
  • If our goal is fun and entertain or dazzle and spectacle can that cause us to make choices and pick items that in truth are less effective than if we make objective quantified decisions based solely on empirical fact?
  • If our motivation is merely short term in nature can that cause us to make decision and choices which are strategically bad for us in the long term?

The million dollar questions:
  • How does perception affect the quality of your decision making process?
  • Are you aware of the affects your biases have on your decision make processes?
  • Can this bias cause you to make emotional vs strategic choices?
  • Can this bias cause you to pursue self destructive goals believing they are productive?

What are your thoughts?

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