Sunday, November 29, 2009

The power of Accountability, Achievement and Association

We have all heard the saving the truth shall set you free.

This has been an interesting week. Was in a conversation with a friend who told me they are doing work which they believe is beneath them. I shared that there is no such thing as honest work that is beneath you and shared that almost 15 years ago I worked a part time and even cleaned toilets to pay bills as a degreed engineer and that my mother who was a certified and licensed teacher used to clean building with my grandmother to earn extra money to make up the difference. So often we place value on the wrong things and I believe we should be humble enough to appreciate the fact we have our health and the ability to do any work. While I hate this recession I think if we as a society relearn that simple truth we would have made much progress because the obsession with easy money or finding new ways to exploit instead of serve (greed) is much of the reason for our current dilemma. We have lost sight of some important core characteristics:
  • Fidelity
  • Respect (of self and others)
  • Integrity
  • Self control
  • Diligence
  • Accountability
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Courage
  • Scholarship
  • Self Sacrifice
Today I was getting gas and spent about an hour talking to a young man who was telling me how his girlfriend committed suicide yesterday and how he had to cut her down.

He told me about the note they found of how life was no longer fun. He also told me about how for $200 and some change the Doctor cut her off from her medicine. This made this think about how important the quality of the people we associate with are and how they can literally mean the difference between life and death.

What are the characteristics of the people you associate with and do they challenge you to reach your potential or do they enable your continued dysfunction. Do you associate with people who work to create mutually beneficial relationships or people who look to exploit you for their own gain at your expense.

He recanted how she was tired in her notes and how life was no longer fun, there was no joy in life. She had what many consider the american dream her own house, a good job, and could do what she wanted and yet that was not enough so what was missing?

Also, to a lessor degree can some of what we see here be attributed to why some people succeed and others continue of paths of self destructive behaviors?

On Emotional Maturity & Emotional Intelligence some topics mentioned for discussion are:
  • Are you mature?
  • Your relationships reflect your maturity
  • Are you Emotionally Mature?
  • Emotional Maturity & Relationships
  • Youth Fades ... Immaturity Lingers
  • Emotional Control & Expression
the part I like the best because it ties back to business is

Maturity & Leadership

Leadership is more than a desire to delegate tasks. If your confidence provides orientation for unconfident followers, and if your decisions are beneficial, you will be respected. Soulwork coaching can help you accomplish family, team or organizational goals. Soulwork can help you:

  1. maintain a clear vision that encourages people to align with you
  2. create an environment where people want to be responsible
  3. clearly describe what is necessary for quality performance
  4. transfer responsibility to the people who do the work
  5. develop individual capability and competence
  6. set an example and challenge people to continually learn

Pardon the rambling but here are the questions:
  • how have your relationships past and present affected the current quality of your life and are they moving your closer to or further away from your goals?
  • Are you better off long term from having known this person?
  • Are they better off long term from having known you?
  • Have the quality of their life or business improved from having associated with you and visa versa?
  • When setting your goals since you cannot achieve them alone have you answered the WIFM question with regards to how it will affect others?
I will leave you with these thoughts:
What do you think?

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