Monday, September 19, 2011

Brief Thoughts on Marketing

In these times of tight revenue streams marketing has become more important than ever. Many misunderstand marketing or abuse the science behind human behavior to exploit others. They believe it is the art of convincing people to buy things you want them to have. Convincing them to spend money on items they do not need. This is not how to build a sustainable business or brand.

Marketing should be instead about finding out what people want and/or need and then educating them on how they can obtain these items or services. This will create sustainability. People speak of identity and branding and yet fail to address integrity and authenticity which in business are as if not more important. Would you rather have large sums of money money one time or multiple streams of sustainable cash flow because you are solving a need?

The question at hand is what sort of business are you running? What are its core values?

Just as a good consultant looks for what their client needs and find a way to supply them a good marketing or sales person does this with the good and services they source.

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