Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New payment policies - Monthly retainer

Over the past 2 years my friends and family have warned me to watch out for people trying to screw me. Sadly their words have proven true more often than not. As a result Effective Sept 1 new policies and rates are going into place. Long term contracts are now $85/hr. All other work is a min of $100/hr and all clients will be converted to a monthly prepay retainer depending on past business. With smaller clients paying $100/mo and medium paying $400-$1000/mo in advance each month. If payment is not received no work will be done.

I apologize for anyone this affects adversely however too many have opted to not pay their invoices or monies due in a timely manner and while I dislike having to make this adjustment I must put personal feelings aside and get people to understand that payment is required for any service rendered.

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