Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Business for Sale

My friend Dewey Yeargin is considering retirement and is looking to sell his manufacturing business.

This is the Realastic side of Dewey’s business. It is a prosthetic manufacturing facility www.healthrelatedproducts.com with national and international clients and sales. Among others, we have clients in Germany, Finland, India, Canada, Australia and South & Central American countries

This may be a huge deal for someone with energy and new ideas.

Dewey has been ready for retirement for quite some time. $500,000 is the asking price, but it is negotiable and getting more so every day.

They plan to keep the medical distribution business. The tremendous mold inventory alone is valuable enough and the customized breast prosthetic is a marvelous with huge franchise-worthy potential…for someone with fresh energy. if you want more information contact Despina Yeargin and she will send more information.

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