Saturday, February 28, 2009

Business Ethics and Profitability (Happy Birthday Lyn)

Before I start let me wish my sister Lyn a Happy Birthday. Family is and remains very import and so often we forget this simple truth. We also forget we care about and respect those who bring us value and what greater value is there than family? 

Would it surprise you to know that you can be ethical and successful? Would it surprise you that it is almost impossible to not be ethical and maintain long term business success. Am reflecting on a conversation with my friend and some of the things he told me on this venture we are pursuing. The long and short of it are as follows – over a 10 year period you have shown yourself to be honest, reliable, dependable and your actions align with your words. You do what you say when you say it and make no excuses and blame no one. You focus on results and remove unproductive distractions. In addition you actually do care about people. 

This causes me to wonder – with everything going on in the news and the financial meltdown when did customer service, integrity, character, and other base values become obsolete? When did we buy into you cannot be moral and ethical and run a business? When did we confuse cons and exploitation with legitimate business? 

The other day on my twitter feed I asked this simple question: “Why is it we killed Dr. King whose message at its core was here are our guiding documents we should live up to them and yet allow a man who exploited friend, family and clients out of millions and billions on a scam to roam free on the street?” 

Also I wonder why when people do exactly what they say they will do all along are they surprised? 

Just some thoughts to ponder as you watch these videos – hope they provoke some thoughts. This is the stuff my friends and family discuss often.

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