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Tuck Recession Tips

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Recession Tips:

Survive, Prosper, Grow

Len Greenhalgh, Faculty Director, Programs for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises

We're in a recession—a deep one. Believe

or not, that's good news as well as bad news.

The bad news is obvious: there's less business to go around in a recession, because people spend less.

The good news is that recessions always open up opportunities. The weak businesses—those that are poorly managed, those that aren't focused on creating real value for customers, and those with inadequate cash-flow management—will not be able to survive the "shakeout." You'll be able to take their place and take over their market share, or perhaps even buy them at a good price.

The general point is that recessions don't tolerate weaknesses. You need to be as good as you possibly can be. You need to drive out wasteful inefficiencies, plan your cash flows carefully. You need to focus on retaining your best customers and take over those that are being under-served by other businesses. You need to partner with other businesses so that your combined strength allows you to seize opportunities. And you need to diversify your customer base so that you're not overly dependent on one particular customer, market sector, product line or service. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially during a recession!

We can help you think through how your business should be poised to survive, prosper, and grow to scale during these hard times. There's no better time to attend Growing the Minority Business to Scale (April 19-24, 2009) or Building the High-Performing Minority Business (July 12-17, 2009). Call now and reserve your seat in the next program: (603) 646 3740.

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April 19-24, 2009

Growing the Minority Business to Scale

This advanced week-long program is for those who want to build on their current knowledge and experience to grow their businesses to the next level.

July 12-17, 2009

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This intense five-day program teaches the business skills to maximize their firm's potential, increase profits, and position the company for growth.

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