Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee - Feb 23

I know I spend much of my time on this blog speaking of business and technical reviews and as a result am sure that I seemed obsessed with business and/or technology and to be honest I would not argue the point. These are my passions and yet they are merely a means to an end so that ultimately I can do and take care of what is important. If you know me then you know what these things are I will not spend time explaining! 

Instead let me use this particular post to wish my "little" brother a happy birthday. He is in SC on a recruiting trip so and when he arrived I put aside all other people and things and problems to spend the a few hour in the evening with him. Sure I will pay for it on some level and yet there are some things that the price is worth it. Family is important and never let anyone convince you otherwise. Barring your being absolutely selfish and self centered these are the people (aside from your true friends) who will stand by, for and with you through think and thin and who when the chips are down will give you their last so you do not have to do without. Appreciate them for the gift they are and when ever you have th echange show them how much you appreciate being able to share at least a part of your life with them and respect the value they bring.

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