Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reciprocity and Joint Ventures

We call this so many things depending on one's regilous belief - Karma, What goes around comes around, reaping what you sow, the golden rule and yet at its core it is a simple concept - we get back for beter or worse what we give - good for good and evil for evil. The concept revolves around what some would call a comic balance - you cannot drink water from a glass until you first do the work to pick up the glass, turn on the faucet and fill it. In modern coutries this involves paying your water bill that helps to employ others who provide the water. In less developed countires digging a well and installing a pump or a pucket to houst the water up. Point is you must put in the work to get something back.

This is the nature of successful business - you provide a good or service which in turn you are compensated for your efforts - you give your time and knowledge to receive compensation.

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