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Last Call! Register for MBE Capacity Building Initiative

The Wachovia Corporate Supplier Diversity process was created to increase the amount of goods and services purchased from minority- women owned business enterprises (MWBEs). Our mission is to implement and integrate sourcing and procurement opportunities that mutually beneficial business relationships with minority- women owned business enterprises to enhance the economic vibrancy of the communities we serve.
Wachovia and the Carolina Minority Supplier Development Council in partnership with Edmondson Associates - Entrepreneur Development Network (EA-EDN), presents the Wachovia Supplier Development Initiative - Capacity Building Training.  This innovative initiative is designed to help you build capacity as a (MWBE), by providing educational resources and tools to enhance the growth and development of your business. You will learn how to retool and reposition your company's competitive advantage in the marketplace.
We are offering you the opportunity to participate in a 7- week capacity building training, offered through EA-EDN and sponsored by Wachovia. To learn more about the sessions, (course start date: February 25, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.), EA-EDN will conduct a free informational orientation on:
Information Orientation
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
3:00 p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Yorel Integrated Solutions, Inc.
(Directions included)
8520 Cliff Cameron Drive
Mallard V, Suite 400
Charlotte NC 28269

We strongly encourage you to attend the informational orientation in person. However, if you are not able to attend in person, you will have the opportunity to listen in on the session by dialing the following conference line. Conference line: 1-888-898-2590 Passcode: 704-590-7957

To register for the orientation and to be considered as a candidate to participate in the 7-week session, please register at:     by Friday, February 13, 2009. (NOTE: If you have trouble clicking on the above link, please copy & paste it into your Internet browser).   For more information, please review all attached documents. For additional questions, send us an email at
We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Wachovia Supplier Development Initiative in partnership with the Carolinas MSDC.
Entrepreneur Development Network -Capacity Building Institute (EDN-CBI)
 Business Planning & Development Overview
The Entrepreneur Development Network (EDN) is the number one licensed provider of NxLevel™ entrepreneur training programs and has successfully conducted national business planning courses since 1997. In November 2007 the Entrepreneur Development Network™ entered into an exclusive global licensing and Trademark Agreement with the NxLevel™ Education Association the Nations leader in entrepreneur training and business planning courseware. Under this agreement the NxLevel™ Education Association granted permission for an exclusive EDN™ branded and licensed curricula. Since 1996 more than 90,000 people have taken NxLevel™ courses in communities located in over 48 states, as well as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
The Diversity Business Development capacity building process is designed to assist global supply chain and inclusion programs towards developing qualified minority suppliers of scale. The EDN-CBI combined its already successful Learn, Launch, Run and Grow entrepreneur development strategies to create the now successful EDN-Capacity Building Institute, which helps entrepreneurs develop a comprehensive business plan for growth.  
EDN-CBI Target Market:
The entrepreneur lead capacity building course targets small, minority, veteran and women owned businesses that are generally: 
   Have more than three years in operation.
·  Have at least three employees, but usually without a fully functioning management team.
·  Have annual revenues of approximately $250,000 to $40 million plus.
·  Have the ability to do business regionally, nationally and or globally.
All current and potential entrepreneurs who fit this profile are encouraged to apply. At the request of our corporate and government partners a special effort is made to qualify and develop minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses.
EDN-CBI Business Growth Methodology: The goal of EDN-CBI business planning and development processes is to develop existing entrepreneurial skills necessary to connect with and serve the marketplace by leveraging resources and proven methodologies - resulting in increased profits, reduced risk and long lasting relationships. Our growth and success is accomplished through entrepreneur lead and facilitated training sessions and industry/subject matter experts that share their "best practices" with students and encourage peer to peer networking that fosters relationship building and improved business processes.
EDN-CBI Business Development Structure:  EDN-CBI targets corporations, franchise companies, government agencies and individual entrepreneurs that have a passion for small business development and high growth potential. Corporate buyers, procurement leaders, franchisors and financial institutions conduct 30-minute to 2-hour industry/subject matter expert session per class.
The majority of participants are selected by corporations who have a desire to grow small businesses to scale and increase their diversity business development and inclusion strategies in the global marketplace. Our training and development sessions are 5-hour classroom time, one-day per week for 7  weeks. Participants will spend an average of 20-to-40 hours per week with industry research related homework assignments.
Class participants will receive the following EDN-CBI materials:
1.  EDN-CBI textbook for background reading.
2.  EDN-CBI workbook and resource guide business plan worksheets, resource guide and sample letters and signage/ branding guidelines for growth strategies.
What gives the EDN-CBI business planning and development process industry niche:
1.  Entrepreneur Facilitated Training - Entrepreneurs not instructors or facilitators, provide world class capacity building strategies based on current industry trends and their day to day proven business success best practices.
2.  Industry Specific Subject Matter Experts - EDN-CBI provides guest speakers who are relevant to the majority of businesses that are currently in the capacity building sessions.
3.  Capacity Building workshops - in addition to the business planning and development process workshops such as the RFX process, doing business with the federal government, supply chain resource strategies and how to communicate with buyers and sourcing leaders are also delivered to participants.
4.  Program Management Support - EDN-CBI Program Managers are primary point of contact for participants and are responsible for ensuring that each session is implemented in accordance with the EDN standard of excellence. Support includes tracking participant's progress, reviewing and grading weekly assignments, reviewing all participant correspondence and individualizing the class concepts to each participant's business industry
The Total Value!  What Will MBEs Learn at this Training?
 EDN-CBI Scaleable Take Aways
Entrepreneurs leave EDN-CBI training with:
1.  A comprehensive graded business plan focused on industry specific growth strategies
2.  A manageable understanding of business finance, capital structure and operations value
3.  A stronger sense of what your strategic growth direction needs to be
4.  Strategic pathways for organic growth, mergers and acquisitions or strategic alliances.
5.  The EDN-CBI network of entrepreneurial resources, financial institutions and supply chain leaders
6.  On-going support from the thousands of peers with the EDN-CBI Alumni Association

SESSION I: Introduction, Overview & Entrepreneurship
Gain an understanding of the EDN-CBI course curriculum and expectations. Learn the difference between being an Entrepreneur and "having/creating a job. Understand and develop a set of goals and objectives, and a vision and mission statement.

Planning & Research: Entrepreneurial Essentials
Understand the business planning process and uses. Gain knowledge of the need for, how to do and where to do market research. Begin market research through the identification of industry-specific and global resources. Build networking through interaction with other entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and supply chain leaders.
SESSION II: Organizational Matters: Management & Legal Structure
Identify and select a legal structure for your business. Become aware of legal issues facing small businesses and outside resources available for help. Identify internal and external management team members. Determine current and future employee needs and related expenses. Identify business insurance, other risk management needs and associated costs. (SME, Business & Tax Attorney)

Marketing - "Behind the Scenes": Analysis and Understanding
Develop an understanding of marketing issues and your day-to-day impact on company profitability. Understand the necessity for market analysis. Develop your customer profile and analyze the competition. Learn how to use customer and competition profiles to analyze market potential. Understand the relationship between the 4 P's of Marketing. (SME, Marketing & Advertising Expert)
SESSION III: Marketing - "On Stage": Strategies, Tactics and Implementation
Understand the importance of the business image in overall marketing strategies. Learn what elements influence price, and the price/ quality relationship. Develop an understanding of the principals of customer service and their impact on profitability. Examine promotional tools and select the most effective mix for your business. (SME, Branding Coach)

Financial Overview: Books, Records and Controls
Gain an understanding of the basic Financial Statements and their uses. Understand how accounting systems tie to the production of useful financial statements. Prepare a Personal Financial Statement and current Business Balance Sheet. Begin using Financial Statement Analysis (ratios) to analyze Balance Sheet information. Examine the book-keeping and record-keeping activities of your business and who controls them. Determine other operations controls required in your business and who is responsible for them.
(SME & Instructor CPA)
SESSION IV: Managing Your Money: Financial Planning, Budgets and Assumptions
Understand the importance of budgeting and the role of assumptions. Explore how budgets provide performance feedback for the business. Prepare budgets, including The Sales Forecast, Cost of Projected Product Units Sold, Fixed Assets, Growth/Start-up Expenses and Miscellaneous Expenses. Review and adjust budgets prepared in earlier sessions. (SME & Instructor CPA)

Managing Your Money: Developing & Using Cash Flow Projections
Understand the concept of Break-Even. Calculate the Break-Even Point for your business in units and sales volume. Explore ways of managing the cash flow cycle. Understand internal operations controls relating to cash management. Prepare monthly and annual cash flow projections with accompanying notes. (SME & Instructor CPA)
SESSION V: Understanding & Using Your Financials
Prepare the Monthly Projected Income Statement and understand how it differs from the Cash Flow Projection. Develop a ProForma (Projected) Balance sheet and compare with the beginning Balance Sheet. Become familiar with the Statement of Owner's Equity and Annual Statement of Cash Flows. Gain an understanding of managerial uses of financial statements. (SME & Instructor, CPA)

Financing Your Business: Alternative Sources of Money
Develop an understanding of the difference between debt and equity financing. Gain knowledge of alternative sources of financing.
Understand the components of a complete financing proposal. Explore ways to "work with" the banker. Summarize financial needs for your project. (SME & Instructor, CPA)
SESSION VI: The Deal Making Process: Negotiating in the Real World
Develop an understanding of the negotiating process. Gain knowledge of negotiating techniques. Explore the deal-making process and tips for effective deal-making. Understand effective contract management and how it relates to your business. Practice/develop negotiating skills.(SME, Successful Business Owner)

Your Business Future: Managing Growth & Plan Completion Examine reasons for growing your business. Recognize the pitfalls of unmanaged growth. Gain an understanding of managed growth. Evaluate your business planning and development learning experience. (SME, Financial Institutions)
Supplier Development Bonus Strategic Sourcing Sessions!!
Understanding The RFX System:
This session will be taught by George Atchison, Senior Contracting Manager for AT&T. George is a Certified Purchasing Manager and Accredited Purchasing practitioner with the Institute for Supply Management (formally NAPM) and a recipient of the 2004 BellSouth and 2007 AT&T, MWBYBE supplier award for mentoring and selection of new diversity suppliers.
Understanding the Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing Process:
This session will be taught by Norbert Ore, Group Director Strategic Sourcing & Procurement at Georgia Pacific. Norbert has extensive experience as a supply chain leader and has served Fortune 500 companies in consumer products, paper packaging and construction. In 19%, he was asked by the Institute for Supply Management to chair its Manufacturing Business Survey Committee to compile, write and release the ISM Report on Business®, the monthly recognized as a leading indicator of the manufacturing sector and the overall U.S. economy. Norbert is also a former Chief Economist for Alan Greenspan.


Our mission is to expand business opportunities for Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and create mutually beneficial links between Corporate Members and MBEs.  The ultimate outcome is to add economic value to the supply chain while increasing economic opportunites for the minority business community.

Carolinas MSDC | 10400 Mallard Creek Road | Suite 206 | Charlotte | NC | 28262

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