Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Technology Trap

Too often people focus on the sizzle and not the substance, the sparkle and not the content, the sweet without the nutritional value. I know I am what some would consider a geek, a nerd or an analytical technical nataured person - yet it is this perspective that allows some insights and in the vein I would like to offer some advice:

Beware of snake oil salespeople
  • Technology does not exist for technology sake - it should exist to support and align with your business.
  • Avoid the tempation to use all of the new and fancy stuff because it is there (am not saying do not be an early adopter) I am saying make sure that you do aligns with your mission
  • Avoid fancy websites with allot of colors and gadgets that are difficult to read and navigate - Most of us learned to read on paper with pen or on a white screen with black type - high contract easy to read - make it to difficult people will not bother staying on your site.
  • When selecting someone to assist you in executing you business mission make sure they are actually listening to and working to solve your challenges and make your business run more efficiently - too often many are pushing their products to make a quick dollar - you want people who are looking to form a long term strategic partnership and who believe their success is tied to your success.
I could go on but and on about this topic but I am sure by now you get the theme. Seek people who understand technology - like money, tableware, hammers, etc are simply tools not the destination. Also make sure they have some idea of how to work with you to make those tools work effectively for you!

I will close with some thought s from Sir Richard Branson - My question to you is how does what he is discussion ties into what I have written?

now - listen to Steve Jobs as he discusses iPod

What do you hear?

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