Sunday, February 28, 2010

Magical Thinking, Monsters and Religion

Normally I do not share my thoughts publicly on religion in any detail, however heard something today that inspired me to share some of my thoughts on this and other things.

First I will stat this is not an attempt to convert anyone rather it is meant as a point of discussion regardless of your personal faith or beliefs albeit Christian, Islam, Judaism, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, etc.

I could go into detail regarding my beliefs on and in God, yet this singular clip

I believe religion serves many purposes none of which dilute it though some many argue.
  • To provide us hope
  • To teach us humility
  • To form a sense of community and/or extended family
  • To provide inspiration
  • To develop one’s imagination
  • To provide ethical (moral) boundaries
  • To show that there consequence for our actions (positive and negative) by teaching us accountability and responsibility

Have you ever considered how many people believe in magical thinking?

I know people will say I do not think like that and yet how man times have you seem people who want something for nothing.
  • They want a life without challenge
  • They want income without labor
  • They want to life and do as they please without accountability
  • They want a relationship without commitment or work
  • They want to be the center of attention and must always be right on everything and never apologize
  • They want to be able to tell everyone else what they want or think and yet do not want to listen to or acknowledge anyone else’s views
Do you know any people like this?
Are there some things you wish to add?

This made me think about how we as a society deal with issues often and what our monsters say about us, our thoughts on society, how we deal with others and what their evolution says about us as a society:
  • Vampires – the embodiment of creed and sexuality – beings that live at the expense of others who exist to influence, control and exploit others for their own benefit – they expend their life and derive pleasure by taking it from you (though of late because of how much green and sexuality have become a part of our society we have recast them into good and bad)
  • Werewovles – the embodiment of abuse – being who go on a rampage when an event (full moon) triggers a transformation (again similar to vampires in their evolution)
  • Aliens – the embodiment of our fear of people and things that do not look or think like we do (until late and still mostly so aliens were viewed as threats to life and livelihood, of late this is slowly changing as evident by Star Trek, Star Wars, Battle Star Galactica, Star Gate
  • Mummies – the embodiment of confinement and restriction – so enamored in and with tradition that you are not able to live, talk or move freely

Lets for the sake of argument regardless of your belief system assume there is a Creator. Now lets say this being created the universe and all things in it. Here is where ego comes in – if such a being existed then how can you tell that being what you want them to do for you and then be angered when you do not get it and then you perform elaborate mental exercises to justify your decision to reject it because to embrace it would mean growth and change so you look for any possible excuse even if you have to manufacture them.
  • When did growth become synonymous to pain?
Is it not true in nature an object (albeit a blade of grass, a tree, a bush, etc grows and reaches for the light to survive and that when it stops growing it dies?

These questions are for “Christians” only
  • How many times have you prayed for wisdom ?
  • How many times have you prayed for a life partner?
  • How many times have you prayed for peace of mind?
  • How many times have you prayer for something and then gotten upset or rejected?

Have you even stopped to consider:
  • Situations were created to give you a to learn!
  • Situations were created to give you a chance to respect, trust, to lead, to follow, to talk and to listen to someone different from but complimentary to you!
  • Situation were created to help you grow and learn what is important to what to let go!
  • Have you ever stopped to think you got what you needed and asked for and yet you were upset because it was not done your way and yet if what you wanted worked so well and if your way of doing things was so great then why did you ask for help? In each case you were given a chance to grow and change and rejected it!


Anonymous said...

Lionel - won't go into my own thoughts about this right now - just wanted to make one (_really_ geeky, I know) point.... There are no aliens in Battlestar Galactica. (At least not in the "reimagined", really awesome version ;-)

Lionel Spearman said...

If I may elaborate - I respectfully disagree in that the premise of the show is there are aliens who look, like and happen to be like us and in fact are us in both series - at least that is my take on it.

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