Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peer Pressure, Perception and Projection

We can only see in others what first exists in ourselves – Why? Because we always project ourselves onto other people and see through our own filters so what in fact we see in others more often then not is a projection of who we are. Instead of facing this and working on our own issues we try to fix what is wrong in them when they are not the problem.

  • Liars think everyone lies
  • Immature people think everyone lacks maturity
  • Fickle people take no one serious
  • Thieves think everyone steals
  • Honest people think everyone tells the truth
  • Selfish and Manipulative people think everyone takes advantage of everyone
  • Noncommittal people think no one else keeps their word
  • Lazy people think everyone else is trying to get more than they have earned or do
  • Greedy people think everyone else is out for themselves
  • Giving people think everyone puts others first
  • Intelligent people believe everyone is smart
  • Drama Queens and Kings act out to gain attention and believe everyone else should conduct themselves in like manner.

However – what complicates this even more is that as we associate with people not like us and who have negative habits or behaviors over time we gradually take on their characteristics and become like them.

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