Monday, December 29, 2008

Becoming the Man I Want (Book Review)

I would highly recommend anyone read this book. It is by my personal friend Chantell. Those of you who follow Tyler Perry may remember her from Madea goes to Jail, Madea’s Class Reunion and What’s Done in the Dark. 

Her family and I go way back when I was in corporate they were friends and when I left they supported me and some even became clients – they have been ever loyal and supportive and each are people of high integrity and fierce loyalty. 

This book deals with becoming the person you want to attract from a female standpoint among other issues like personal respect, insecurity, edification, loyalty, etc. She openly discusses the many mistakes she made and her own shortcomings and deals with the fact she so often asked of her partners things she was not willing to give and her own shortcomings. She wanted people to enable her to do what she wanted with no accountability and possed many hard questions. I recommend this book not only for females but for males only as the issues contained are universal.

“I am single, never been married, no kids and I am about to turn 40! WHY AM I NOT MARRIED!!! This makes no sense at all. One day I was watching Oprah and they talked about making a list of the things you want, see it and believe. I decided to make a list of all the things I wanted in a MAN. The more I wrote what I wanted in a man, the more I had to look at me. I found it was easy to say what I want in a man, but what would happen if I decided to “

Chantell makes her home in Atlanta
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I personally have read the book 3 times already and get something new and helpful each time. It goes to show that you never know what a person is thinking or going through unless they tell you as long as I knew her much of what she shared and was thinking I had no idea. Communication is truly becoming a lost art. She deal with issues like control, manipulation, deceipt, personal spirtuality and selfishness.

Why do I like this book simply (and yes I am bias because I like the respect the author and family that aside) it speaks to the heart of so many truths people avoid – she is saying here are my mistakes and here are the lessons I learned, here are some I am still learning, I am not there yet however I invite you to walk with me on my journey and use some of these tool to help you not repeat my mistakes. This book talks of character, forgiveness and self, of others and personal growth. It says honestly the first thing I must do before I ask something of anyone is take a good hard look at the person in the mirror and make sure I am willing  to do it myself now!

I hope you enjoy and get as much out of it as I have. In fact I enjoyed it so much I sent copies to family and people I respect and have plans at my mother’s request to get another copy to gift to my 14 year old sister.

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