Friday, December 26, 2008

Business Lessons: A few thoughts on Durability

Durability is best described as the ability under use (sometimes excessive) to keep working. This is true of a part and even a business. In business and people terms it is called persistence.   

You want businesses and things that have lasting powering and will function to or better than specifications regardless of how long you use it – you want durable items and vendors. Durability, another foundational trait of established businesses.

  • Are you tough enough?
  • Can this Camera stand the abuse of everyday use?
  • Will this power button the computer fail?
  • Will the pans and sliders on this sound board stand up to everyday use
  • Can this switch keep working day by day under its traffic load
  • Bottom line is this – you do not want a part to break or fail when you are using it
  • You do not want your key to break in the door or the ignition
  • You do not want the handle on your coffee mug to break off when you pick it up
  • You do not want a bridge to fail when you are driving over it
  • You do not want a chair to collapse when you sit on it
  • You do not want to call a business only to find out it no longer exists 

What do you think?

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