Sunday, December 21, 2008

More High level basics about CCTV Cameras (Parts and Housing)

Ever wonder why most Security CCTV Cameras are placed in housing enclosures? 

Let me explain simply – Cameras are in fact electronic devices and while used for security nothing but cameras. So to protect the camera from dust and excessive humidity they are enclosed in housing. This housing protects the camera from excessive moisture, in the case of external housing from excessive cold (via built in fan and heater) and the main lenses from dust. Many normal enclosures are almost air tight and are extremely water resistant. There are some underwater enclosures that are air and water tight. 

The main parts of a camera are

  • Power connection
  • Lens
  • Iris (auto or manual)
  • Housing
  • CCD element
  • Connector (BNC/Cat cable/Wireless)

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