Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fear based decisions

So often in society we are taught to base our choices and decisions on fear. Fear causes us to make the wrong choices and make poor quality decisions. Fear based decisions also at their root cause people to pick up and carry the baggage of those who projected their limitation onto us. When we act in fear we abdicate our control and we place limitation on ourselves that prevent us from living up to our potential. What is even worse is we give power and credibility to people who not only should we not be empowering but truth is so often they do not care less and move on to the next victim. Because they themselves has little to no personal worth they steal yours and once the damage is done often move on to seek out new victims to harm.We in our reaction give power to people who should not have any and we often allow them to change who we are - this is wrong.

A classic example of this is our political system - so often we vote and make choices not of the best candidate but the lessor of two evils or the one who scares us then promised to protect us from the fears they created instead of seeking people who offer a solution. Was speaking to a friend earlier who explained to me one of the consequences for example of GM is that now the government owns 51% of it so as a result it is really no longer General Motors but Government Motors. I will not go into the detail of how this happened but rather ask why?

Consider the thoughts shared in these videos and then ask yourself what is the basis of your decisions? Do you focus on what is not or what you have lost or what is and what you may gain? Remember life happens to all of us the only difference is how we respond to it.

Are we victims?

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