Saturday, October 17, 2009

Importance of Adaptability

Change - to often people misunderstand or fail to take it into account - people and businesses do the same things over and over again expecting often with the same people sometimes with a new cast of the same characters and are shock when what worked marginally before or flat out did not work fails time and again.

Still others confuse a simple understanding of the fact being adaptable does not mean forgoing or abandoning your core values and though the form my change the basic rules that govern it remain unchanged - water is always water regardless of if it is steam, liquid water or ice. Same holds true for social media - it is still media like advertising and though interactive should be treated no differently - there are no new and wonderful rules.

Look at the cell phone, there was the phone, the walkie talkie, the analogue phone, the telegraph, the phonograph, and least we forget megaphone, drums and smoke signals all are methods of communication with their respective strengths and weaknesses but all have a universal underlying rule - they are meant to convey messages and ideas to a person other than yourself in a method both can understand.

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