Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to get your twitter account restored

If you use twitter on a daily basis like I do the loss of it can be somewhat of a shock. The steps to restore it are a little vague and buried and even some of the stuff I read from others is a little vauge. I created this post to add some clarity and hopefully give you the information you need to restore your account in a timely manner.
  1. Send an email to and/or using email used to setup account make sure to include your @username and a ask for an explanation fo why your account was suspended.
  2. You will receive an automated email with your case number and a link
  3. Click the link and use your username and password for the suspended account
  4. Write a concise statement explain how you use twitter and ask for the reason for suspension (it is important to have a non combative attitude - your goal is not to pick a fight - rather it is to solve a problem and come to a mutually agreeable solution)
  5. Ask some of your friends and associates to help (hopefully some of the people you know are twitter are also people you know in real life and/or you are associated with on other social networks) - update them as to what happened, ask them to inform others or simply have them twit your old twitter @username staying something to the effect of #ivalidate @username
  6. A site and resource to help is
  7. Check status by checking case and attempting to log in daily - if it is a matter of being wrongly flagged by a rule (if you have done nothing to violate terms of use) the issue should be easily and quickly resolved.
Following these steps and with the help and support of others my account @lspearmanii was restored within 24 hours.

I would like to take this time to thank the people who helped me get restored:

Active support
Moral Support
There are many more but these were the main ones - thank all of you for your help!

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Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment using name and domain and have no clue if it went through. Reposting using OpenId. Sorry if it's duplicated from

Wow Mr. Spearman. I stumbled across your blog over from Twitter. Exactly true for me when Twitter had allowed me to install several API's previously making calls from Gigya in my back end found me frozen about two weeks into it. I calmly went to support realizing in my testing, which allows uncanny long DM's, they have throttles on the amount, not the content. I was fortunate and calmly penned a fine little note in the appropriate box to the young lady tracking the event. Lucky me it was back up in under a couple hours. There are "Humans" out there and I've throttled my own activities to match what is best use of my coveted accounts.

You have an excellent blog here. I'd love to republish a few of your video's on our privately branded server if you'd care to take a look. Our domain is the same as the suffix on my email. We have an ingenious header design where we deploy the media.

Thanks again for an excellent blog and post.

Stuart L

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