Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is a leader?

So often people speak of leadership and being a leader and yet it seems so many confuse leadership with management. Simply worded your manage things and you lead as well as inspire people. Driving to the Carolinas MBE Summit I thought – what if I play with the word LEADER and using the letters highlight the characteristics of a leader.

A Leader is a person who is Loyal and who Labors to do what is in the best interest of his/her constituents. This person uses Enthusiasm to Ensure those who have placed their trust in them are served and their needs provided for while Encouraging and using every situation possible to Edify the Abilities of the people they serve and the others in leadership. He/She them to Achieve their Aspirations because their Actions focus on goals and being solution oriented is the method to best serve those represented. He/She is also Accountable to themselves, their constituents. The person is Devoted to the well being of the group (not self) and works to incorporate the thoughts and ideas of those being served. Dedication is the key for success and being focused on implementing the goals, vision and Direction for the betterment of the respective individuals and organizations. He or she makes sure that their conduct is Ethical at all times and words to conduct themselves in a professional manner such that their integrity can never be brought into question nor the inspiration of their intent. Finally this person is Responsive to the needs of others and treats all with the Respect and dignity they deserve while doing the best they can to Represent the people they lead and inspire.

Does anyone else have any thoughts they would like to share – please feel free to add your thoughts.

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