Monday, October 5, 2009

Lets start a new trents on twitter #IVouchFor

No one is immune even those of use who work to respect the rules.
Vincent Wright suggested we start a movement called #IVouchFor to validate those of us who are real.
I never was a person to be politically correct and often that has gotten me in trouble and I do not claim to be great with word smithing but I do work to live by the things I speak about and on.
Those that followed me on twitter @lspearmanii know that my stream was about a few things
  • Technology
  • Ethics
  • Business
  • Helping others with less than 1000 build their following
  • Posting links of interest using Viigo
I will not go over what is in the video but I will share the rules I used to govern my conduct on twitter of which I have no problem with being held accountable
  • Never speak negative of others
  • Edify everyone you can
  • Help those who are starting get a leg up
  • Discuss topics of interest
  • Answer everyone (for the most part) who addressed you directly
  • Conduct yourself with integrity
  • RT people whose posts you link or are inspired/moved by
  • When RTing people who are encouraging you to follow remove your name and encourage them to follow the other people on the list
  • Follow people when they ask
  • Follow those people that follow you
  • Provide helpful advice and suggestions to anyone that asks
  • Remove yourself from negative people
  • Remember you exist to help others they do not exist to help or serve you
  • Work to respond to people in their native language
  • Treat everyone with respect even if they do not respect you
  • Use 3rd party app to validate people but check each account manually
I could go on but here is the search for my name.
Review it and decide for yourself
Why I am in the dog house I do not know

I will keep you posted

PS - you can also follow the discussion on facebook regardless of outcome will keep you informed so that this can be a learning experience and so that what ever I did you will know and those of you who also post legitimate content and not spam can learn how to avoid.


Lionel Spearman said...

Called twitter at 8669242008 - was told to send email to Sent email and got an auto response saying make sure its your account and reply. Sent reply with more information and verifying. I have gotten no additional response. will update you when I know more.

Lionel Spearman said...

Case Ticket #590641 opened - checked it is was populated. Also typed a request asking them to look to those connected to me and ask them if I am a spammer or if what I post has value. Am awaiting to hear response - will update.

Would have logged onto twitter site with case sooner but instructions not clear however had done so and will await a response. To me it seems straight forward but I am biased because I know I am a real person not a spammer - lets see what happens.

Lionel Spearman said...

my account was restored about 2pm - if you have problems send an email to

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