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Nothing has changed (people of the lie - Marketing)

So many times people buy into the appearances and do not think or look at the substance of what people say.

How many times have you allowed people to seduce you with the flawed logic of it 20XX and things are different now? 

Consider these question to illustrate some points:

  • Did lying suddenly become ok?
  • Did stealing suddenly become ok?
  • Can you run a business spending more than you make?
  • If no one buys your product or service are you in business?
  • Did gravity reverse or cease to work somehow? 

Many things inspired this post but mainly some research I was asked to do

Did you know?

  • Nearly two thirds (65.2%) of the adolescents in the lowest income group were from single-parent families, only 6.4% of those in the upper-income group were from single-parent homes.
  • Income and family structure were moderately interrelated. 93.6% of Youth whose parents reported income of $40000 or greater came from 2-parent families (86.3% of these were White, 7.2% Black, and 6.4% Hispanic). Conversely, 66% in the lower-income group were from single parent families (43.1% of these were White, 38.6% Black, and 18.3% Hispanic).
  • The higher a family’s gross income the less likely that child is to engage in risky behavior
  • A child from a two family household is less likely to participate in risky behavior than one from a single parent household 

Some of the Sources


Something to think about

  • So if these are the facts then how can someone say I can raise a child as well by myself as I can with a partner?
  • How can someone ignore documented facts
  • Could it be the facts differ and so the individual wants to justify their actions so they make a statement to justify and rationalize what they are doing (or are the figures and statistics the rationalization)? 

Further without saying which school of faith one could argue regardless of belief that as we deviate from the principles of scripture we get in more trouble. 

So what is the Bible or for that matter a majority of religious spiritual text about? 

People who do not like to be held accountable to a higher standard of behavior might argue guilt. Yet one could also state perhaps all are about the following:

  • Accountability for your thoughts and actions
  • Living circumscribed lives (doing no harm)
  • Reaching some form of enlightenment
  • Not putting things before people
  • Service to and respect of others
  • Separation of Church and state
  • Character is important
  • Self respect
  • Self control 


  • Do any of this sound familiar?
  • How did cherubim go from fierce warriors (in genesis) to the cute childlike figures: interesting stories here
  • Have any of these concepts changed in 2000 plus years (secularly or spiritually)? 

For those that want it done in a more worldly way lets take some various topics and look at Business

Did you know the oldest business in the world that is still functioning is almost 2000 years old (well 1500) years old (link). Also here is the The Oldest Corporation In the World.

  • Can you run a business spending more than you make?
  • Can you have a business without customers or clients? 

Let’s look at acting:

  • Now we have cable TV
  • Before we had TV
  • Before we movies
  • Before we had silent movies
  • Before we had radio
  • Before we had theatre
  • Before we had traveling mistrials 

All is the same the medium we use to enjoy has changed but not the purpose 

Let’s look at communication:

  • Now we have twitter and high speed internet
  • Before that we had cellular internet
  • Before that we have sms messages
  • Before that we had cell phones
  • Before that we had AOL
  • Before that we had Chat rooms
  • Before that we have email groups
  • Before that we had email
  • Before that we had UPS/FedEx
  • Before that we had USPS
  • Before that we had telephone
  • Before that we had radio
  • Before that we had telegraph
  • Before that we had horse mail carriers
  • Before that we had foot carriers
  • Before that we had drums
  • Before that we had smoke signals 

Yet what has changed – NOTHING – again only mechanism not the function 

We can to this with

  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Warfare
  • Technology
  • Etc 

What are your thoughts?

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