Thursday, April 9, 2009

Personal Responsibility (Failure and Success)

If you are not responsible when things go bad then who is responsible when things go well? So often we live up or down to the expectation we set of and for ourselves and/or project onto other people. 

If we:

  • like ourselves we assume everyone like us.
  • hate ourselves we assume everyone hates us 

People so often create the situations and circumstances to reinforce and reflect the inner opinions they hold of themselves albeit business, money, relationships, family, etc. The terms often used to describe these behaviors are

These are neither bad nor good rather what they are depends on who and what you are at the core so are you 

How is your character best described

  • Good / Evil
  • Honest / Dishonest
  • Respectful / Disrespectful
  • Hard working / Lazy
  • Responsible / Irresponsible
  • Faithful / treacherous
  • Diligent / Unfocused
  • Mature / Childish
  • Intelligent / Stupid
  • Patient / Impatient
  • Giving / Selfish 

Links to video is you want to see more 

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