Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is the difference (lets discuss innovation)?

There are many things and theories about what it takes for a business to thrive and grow and yet consider, the ones that grow are not the most obvious nor are the run by the smartest. 

What do they have in common, they all are innovative. They see things and trends and patterns that are not obvious to some, in fact depending on how far ahead of the curb they are each was looked at as crazy 

To further elaborate:

  • Did you know it took many years before people accepted a GUI (icon based) computer interface (to be honest I still am not a great fan because it limits functionality. And ye that change in paradigm created a whole new industry – software companies – where as before you wrote the code custom to what you needed now there are companies that do it for you
  • Imagine in 1988 if you told someone everyone would have a you could have a phone you carry in your hip pocket with a full keyboard and a color screen that many would dwarf the power of the current computer and that you would be able to surf the internet from it?
  • Imagine in 1995 if I told you that you would have a full color computer screen that you could mount on your wall or even use to watch TV that used less electricity than a 100W light bulb? 

Those businesses that survived did not build a business to enrich themselves – they built enterprises and found talent who embraced and took their vision to new levels – they were not afraid to look or be thought of as crazy. 


  • Can you explain your business model in such a way a 10 year old can understand it?
  • Does your business innovate? How?
  • Is your core competency profit or service?  

CNBC - The Business of Innovation

Business, Innovation Speaker Lee Stuart - video powered by Metacafe

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