Friday, March 27, 2009

Disaster Response Alert: Midwest Flooding

Disaster Response Alert
March 26, 2009
Michael Nevergall
Assistant Director
Domestic Disaster Response
800.638.3522 -- ext. 2863
Alert: Upper Midwest Flooding
As of this writing, there is a serious flooding issue along both the Red River and Missouri River in the Upper Midwest.  In some places, river and over-land flooding has already occurred, and in other locations, current forecasts predict floods of record-breaking proportion. 
The ELCA, through Lutheran Disaster Response, is already responding:
through local volunteers who are placing sandbags by preparing for assistance in the communities where flooding will occur in prayerful support for those who will be directly impacted.
Now we ask that you:
Share this news with others - Invite the members of your congregation and your neighbors to monitor the situation in these communities.  In this Lenten season of anticipation, we await the outcome of these floods, trusting that hope will abide.
Join in prayer - Pray that these communities may be bound together in unity in this time of great uncertainty.  Pray as well for the faithful volunteers who are working tirelessly to prevent flooding and for those displaced by this high water.
Give a gift - Gifts to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response, designated for U.S. Flooding, allow for immediate and ongoing response, bringing help and hope to affected communities now and into the future.  Gifts may be sent through your congregation, or given directly online or by calling 800-638-3522.
For regular updates on this and other responses, visit .

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