Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is a businesses’ greatest asset?

The state of the economy has made me think about this singular topic over and over again and it occurred to me that the answer to this question is also the only rue solution to out problem. For any business to be sustained over the long haul some things must exist

  • Focus on the customer/client
  • Respect for asset for fiscal, physical and human
  • Consistency in policies, operation and standard
  • Trust in, at and of all level of the business both internal and external
  • A strategic long term vision with regards to actions taken 

Let me bottom line it “Character Counts”. Right now people have no faith in, respect for, or trust of our leaders albethey  political, governmental, or business. The reason is selfishness and greed has prevailed and everyone has shown not by their words – but by their action they are only concerned with their own self interest to the exclusion of another and detriment of the whole. 

  • People do not put money in banks that say you will not get your money back
  • People do not put work companies that say you can work but we will not pay you
  • People do not trust government to solve their problems
  • Even worse because of how society has conditioned us people no longer look to each other for solutions 

What is missing - Integrity and Authenticity 

We instinctively look for those people (not institution) who remind of our higher self.

People  who inspire us to be more, do better, put others before self, and keep our word by their example.

The question is will you do business of any sort with people or businesses or a government you do not trust – of course the answer is NO!

The solution is simply – we need people of character, who possess the qualities of integrity, valor, honor and service to lead all of these institutions – politics (compromise) is not the solution – we long for people who raise the bar and who we all can place our trust in.

  • Are you such a person?
  • Do you know of any such people?
  • Do you know of a different or better answer/solution – if so let me know!

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