Monday, March 16, 2009


Yesterday I wrote about good will, reputation is a tangent to this concept albeit this has neither a positive or negative value. The reputation of company is either positive or negative depending on the business owner. In short your actions and intent will decide which kind of reputation you earn through the merit of your actions and the degree to which they will be wither good or bad. 

So how is reputation defined? 

Reputation is the opinion (more technically, a social evaluation) of the public toward a person, a group of people, or an organization. It is an important factor in many fields, such as education, business, online communities or social status

  • If the actions of your business help only yourself and do harm to your client and/or employees and associates you will develop a negative reputation due to the harm your and your business have caused and you will eventually erode any trust given you
  • If the actions of your business help your client and assist them, your employees and associates appreciate in value in some way you will in turn develop a positive reputation and trust in you is increased

So what are your thoughts?

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