Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ethics and Technology - Part 4

What I am going to say may not be that popular but it is none the less true – people are not as unique as they believe they are. People are not as smart as they believe themselves to be. If they were on average gals would not like walking barefoot or wearing dresses or open shoes costing ridiculous sums of money or shaving their armpits and legs. Guys on average would not like cars or sports or closed in shows or ties and suits or shaving their face and/or head. We would not all know red means stop, green means go and yellow means caution anyplace you are in the world 

Effective marketing and systemic conditioning. So what does this have to do with technology? 

Remember the saying just because you can does not mean you should? Technologist often are the people who gather and study all of the behaviors of people creating predictive profiles of how they will react based on what stimuli. Have you not ever wondered how those “tricks” where you pick a number that a cooler and follow some step and you open the door and there is the number you picks - it is predictive science. (as a side bar what a scary thought – too often people use an unconscious knowledge of this to sabotage themselves )   

Still looking for the connection – let me make it more obvious – what does the average people do on a PC.

  • Surf internet
  • Word processing
  • Check email
  • Sometimes listen to music 

What is the typical PC capable of doing

Advance graphical model processing to create elaborate structures and maps

I will not belabor the point but will ask looking at the videos what do you use your computer as shown in the later videos - if no then I have these questions:
  1. Why do you need the latest and greatest operating system
  2. Why do you need 500 GB or a TB or Memory
  3. Why do you need 4 Gigs of RAM
  4. Why do you need a Blu-ray DVD player building to your PC
  5. Have you ever stopped to wonder why and how these things you do not need seem so appealing?
Do you see how information technology and an understanding of human behavior are being used to exploit?

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