Sunday, March 29, 2009

Immature or unprofessional behavior

With all of the things happening today this thought has been ringing in my head. I debated on whether to post because I know some will find offensive. It is my belief that most people operation emotionally at a 6-8 year old level from a maturity standpoint and further they have no concept or desire for things like accountability, responsibly, etc – their concerns only lie with how things affect them and have little regard to how what they do affects those around them.

Remember back in grade school and high school.

  • Do you remember how we used to act that them?
  • Do you remember how concerned with peer pressure and what other people thought?
  • Do you remember any of these lines?
  • If you loved me you would
  • If you were more of a woman you would
  • If you were more of a man you would
  • I dare you
  • Since you did not pick me I am not going to play
  • Call him/her I will listen on the other line
  • What you do not know cannot hurt you

 There are so many other’s from our childhood but these are the ones that popped to mind the quickest. As a business owner and former corporate professional I am amazed to see that so many “adults” still operate emotionally on a child like level and lack integrity - they acutallly believe there is such a thing as situational ethics (a clear oxymoran)

  • Greed
  • Selfishness
  • Tempter tantrums
  • etc

Childlike behaviour in adults 8 Articles

What do you think?

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