Sunday, March 15, 2009

Entitlement and double standards (Warning - language in one video may be offensive)

Before I start this post let me make a few things clear

  • I am a Republican
  • I live in the South
  • I am a business owner
  • I am an ethnic minority
  • I am striving to one day be broke
  • I am a Lutheran Christian (former LCMS now ELCA)
  • I am a college graduate in a technical field (undergraduate)
  • I am against employees (like CEOs and yes they are employees) excessive pay
  • I am developing a personal prime directive (like star trek) of it being wrong to interfere in the personal maturation and evolution of another person unless they have proven themselves qualified (thanks CitiGalMelanie)

What inspired this post is I was sick and watching my twitter stream and some comments as well as the news and it occurred to me we live in a world of liars, thieves and con artists - people who say do what I say instead of follow my example. We have people who disrespect people and yet do now want to e held accountable for their actions. We have people who think it was ok to pass Jim Crow laws to restrict the opportunities of the skilled labor at the time to compete fairly and yet see a problem when later people say you do not have a choice you cannot give this to your friend but must give to opportunity to best qualified. I hear people talking about things like will the Obama administration mean the end of small government and think- have people so quickly forgotten how much government grew under Bush and that we have departments that did not exist before now (such selective memories).

(Pardon the language - I despise profanity - but pay attention to the points made)

There is a saying pride comes before a fall. As people we have a tendency to overestimate our ability and to think we are better than we really are. We think that needing help is a sign of weakness – sad really. Was speaking with a frat brother earlier today and her mentioned another brother who is kind and naive and stated that is his problem – I strongly disagree – the problem is the rest of the world is not like him, but I digress. 

  • Entitlement – believing the rule and laws no longer apply to you because you have a false sense of value that says they are somehow beneath you
  • Double standards – (my personal definition) – when you have an unrealistic image of who you are as such you apply standards to other people you believe you do not have to apply to yourself do to a sense of entitlement. 

So why did I pick these topics for a blog, because these are responsible for so many self defeating behaviors. Would you walk into a grocery store, get food and walk out without paying cashier (real or electronic)? Would you drive the wrong way down a one way street? Would you cook a meal to feed 20 if only you and a guess were eating? 

Before you answer consider these questions:

  • Why are their people who have gotten in houses they had no equity in?
  • Why are their people who borrow money and never attempted to pay it back in the time they agreed?
  • Why are their people who want to live lifestyles beyond their means?
  • Why are they people more concerned with what others think about them than they are their own personal worth?
  • Why are their people who ask their employees to do things they have not and are not willing themselves to do?
  • Why are their people who life in apartments what take up one of their 2 monthly pay checks?
  • Why are their people who think lying or stealing is ok if it helps me? 

Consider as a business owner

  • Who are the people you trust
  • Who are the businesses you trust
  • What characteristics lead to confidence being increased
  • Why is it important to trust a supplier
  • Why it is important to respect a supplier
  • Why is it important to respect an employee
  • Why is it important to keep your commitments
  • Would you do business with a bank that said I will have your money for you Thursday and when you went to branch no money was available?
  • Would you buy a car from a deal you gave money to for a down payment and when you went to pick up they misplaced, misapplied or just plain forgot?
  • Would you do business with a supplier that does not complete their project or delivers supplies late? 

So depending on your answer with respect to business why do you think it is any different with a person?

  • If it is not ok for other people to run a red light what makes you think you can?
  • If it is not ok for others to critique you what gives you the right to do them?
  • If you cannot treat others with respect why should by respect you?
  • If you cannot keep your commitment to others how are they bound to keep one with you? 

So let me break it down this way, the reason our economy has not bounces back is a lack of trust and respect – it really is that simply. With out their things people are not comfortable enough to transact business because there is no confidence. 

Ok, I have said my peace now I am curious to know what are your suggestions regarding possible solutions?

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