Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The more things change the more they stay the same (Common Sense)!

Just because you do not believe in something does not mean you are not affected by it 

No person is so important they can usurp the rights of others – imagine that – such a novel concept – equity – no one is entitled or superior to anyone else how ever based on the merits on one’s own actions you can different yourself. 

Gravity – deny it exists all you want I will watch from a safe distance. Lets say you step off of a 20 story building as you fall the 1st 19 floors you are doing pretty well no problem but at some point you will hit that 20th and final floor then game over. Now imagine you somehow convinced other people to follow you? 

Let’s move on to another of my favorites – its 2009 things to now work like they did in 19XX. Lets example that statement. Telephones still exist the concept for use remains much the same, the analogue rotary dial system was replaced by the digital push button system but the operation of it remains unchanged – you “dial” the number you want (area code) – exchange – then number – the recipient phone rings and you answer. Sure you have caller id and voice mail but the core functionality remains unchanged. Next lets look at mail – it started out with foot curriers, then house mounted curriers, then a standardized postal system was developed, then UPS/FedEX, then email, then instant messaging but what has changed – nothing – the process for delivery evolved but you still must compose a letter and designate who should receive it and then it is sent to the intended recipient(s) 

Wonder where I am going – simple – to often we focus on the appearance and not the core substance, point is nothing has changed just the way we go about doing things. These were lesson lost on many of us during the recent economic meltdown. The core rules of cash and cash flow remained intact. The fact that you cannot spend more than you earn without borrowing and if you borrow at some point you have to pay it back or declare default. Somewhere we lost track of common sense and until we regain that simple tool we are doom to repeat the mistakes of the past because we have not truly learned. 

Lastly integrity is key

I will close with the thoughts of the Harry Shuler Dent, Jr – the son of my late friend and mentor

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