Monday, November 17, 2008

About Money

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Money is a tool nothing less and nothing more.

Understand this simple truth allows it to be put into perspective. It is a committee of exchange contractually agreed upon for so many hours of your time. So think of it as a way to measure how effective and valued your time is and as such it represents a commodity you cannot replace so you should use it wisely. That said there is more than one way to acquire it, however since it is a tool lets talk about another tool could be a broom or a screw driver but lets us a vacuum cleaner. Did you know there are three ways you can get a vacuum cleaner

  • You can enter a store, a house, or borrow someone elses identity and effectively steal it
  • You can barter and exchange your times and services as in so many hours of work will equal the price of this device
  • You can make a contract with an employer exchanging your time for money and use the proceeds for the expended time to purchase the device.

Same holds true for money

  • You can steal it
  • Barter for it
  • Earn it

How you acquire it is as if not more important than how you spend it.

In business do you give your best to your clients in exchange for the compensation or do you short change them?

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