Monday, November 17, 2008

Communication, Self Control and Commitment

Did you know one of the main mistakes consultants make is their attitude. I am not talking about that positive attitude success self help, am speaking of confidence and mood control. Too often a consultant fails to understand that their mood affects not only what they hear, but that the client, the person they are there to serve reacts to their mood. If they are in a bad mood or a funk they convey that to the client and often the client reacts to their mood. This is why self control is an issue and never forgetting you are dealing with people. Are you really listening to what they are saying or are you looking for various points in what they are saying to justify a choice you already made. If you are doing the latter you are eventually doomed to fail - it is that simple!

People are difficult, complex and unpredictable to a large extent, but the one thing I can promise you if you try to control them short term that may work just fine, long term it will blow up in your face. Your best bet is to control yourself – I know self control is not something we talk about much today but it is an important part of your success in both life and business.

Now lets move on to commitment, you are retained to solve a problem, to make a headache go away. You are trusted to be there during the hard times. In previous posts I spoke on the fact that as a person it is not what you do when times are good that matters only when times are difficult that shows your character. Guess what, you are there because times are hard for your client – what are you going to do – are you going to dig in and stand with them or are you going to run and say it is not my problem it is yours. The second attitude will cost you a client. Fact is in a business or a personal relationship their problem is your problem their challenge affects you and if you cannot help resolve the problem or be a part of the solution there is no reason for you to be paid. This difference is often what differentiates a good from a great consultant. Ever deal with a business where a person took the attitude of its not my job like a phone or a cable company? How did it make you feel? Did you want to do business with them? Was their focus truly on the customer or themselves? Sure they were committed but not to the client to themselves and to the dollar.

Now you need to ask yourself this question – why are you in business?

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