Monday, November 17, 2008


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So often consultants get this point confused and truthfully it is easy to do so. They think it is about the money for the clients and it really is not, the money you are paid simply represents a trust placed in you. Granted some argument can be built around the amount of compensation is directly proportional to the amount of trust, however that is not the issue. The true issue is the trust that is being placed in you and because of that trust it is in your best interest to perform at a minimum to but as a norm above preconceived expectations. If you are an ethnic minority this is even more true because if you do not the it will be that much harder for the people coming after you and yes there will be people coming after you sooner than you think – not to take your place but because you are an inspiration and they are walking in your footsteps. You never know how many people you touch just by your presence..

To quote Janaki Rangarajan - “One of the most valuable things that I have learnt during these years is that every performance is extremely important and the performer's enthusiasm or quality should not vary depending on the audience or the venue.“ Why – because at all times your best is expected your all. You do not get paid and them perform you perform and ten based on that effort or an agreed exchange rate of time for money you are paid. You perform because you are a person, a business of character and integrity. You perform because you want to set yourself apart from your peers who do not understand it is not about what your clients do for you it is about what you do for your clients..

Do you understand?

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