Monday, November 17, 2008

Cooperative Economics

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Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if a group of business owners decided to support and source from each other. Lets say your going rate was $100/hr. Lets say there are 500 people in the group. Lets say over the course of the year each person agreed to purchase 1 hour of time – the month did not matter so long as within 12 months you did it. Lets say only 20% agreed to do it because that is all that needs the service. You only spent $100 but that business got a cash influx of $12,500 they did not have before – a little over $1,000/mo.

Do you think that would make the difference between a business staying in and going out of business? In some cases yes, it could cover their rent, their utilities, their insurance and in some cases their taxes and yet something so simple to do and so rarely do we do it – why?

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