Saturday, November 29, 2008

Practicality in design

Allow me to tie the previous five (5) posts together – the process of securing assets albeit hard or soft is to restrict access thereby protecting them from thief. It is impossible to totally to make anything 100% secure because the more secure you make something the less user friendly it becomes. 

Wonder how all of this ties together - here is how:

The steps at a high level are

  1. You listen to what the client says they want
  2. You study their infrastructure
  3. You design system
  4. You negotiate the equipment cost
  5. You estimate the labor costs
  6. You make a recommendation to the client
  7. You get acceptance
  8. You schedule the shipment
  9. You schedule the install
  10. You arrange payment to vendor
  11. You instruct installation team
  12. You pay vendors
  13. You pay installers
  14. You get paid 

See how these for all tie together – sure there is more detail than what I am outlining but really it is this simple if you do not take the time to listen and understand, convey the benefits and risks, make a best recommendation and follow through in a timely manner not only will the client not get what they want or need you will most likely not get paid because they will not be satisfied nor will your people because you made a commitment to them and did not live up to it. 

Sure I could have done this as one post, actually considered 12 because each step is important but wanted to take the five (5) issues I considered key to Technology, Security and A/V to show how using each effectively allows you to service the client.

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