Friday, November 28, 2008

Answer the question honestly

Principles are universal – rules apply in only certain situations – best to stick to principles.  A simple example - put me in an academic environment and I will thrive yet you take a person with the same aptitudes and intelligence but who hates to read they will not. Also take a good leader what makes them good is their desire to digest and share their knowledge to share it with others to inspire them people who like to mange and control make very bad leaders.

That said lets talk above the subject at hand – questions and answers. A valuable principle to internalize is that you should always answer the question asked directly, concisely, and honestly. If a client asks you if you can do something you should answer

  • Yes, I can
  • No, I cannot
  • I do not know I will get back to you by ____ date with an answer. 

In employees you should look for the same quality. If you find someone who is ambiguous, avoids answering questions, makes excuses, evades, talks around or gets angry when you seek clarity and/or changes the subject chances are this person will not be a good fit for you or your company depending on your company’s culture regarding behavior because you will not be able to depend on this person to help you find a solution.  Also be leary of people not willing to put anything in writing it is an indicator they have no desire to be held accountable. As a potential employee seeking work, contractor seeking work or supplier seeking a vendor avoid these type of companies and this major red flag

In answering a question the focus is not and should never be on yourself but on your client, your employee or the person you are talking to – outward not inward focus is what is important. It is important to have an attitude of service and humility. 

Just a thought to ponder on one of the many ways to help you succeed in business!

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