Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is an IP based security camera system?

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Traditionally security observation cameras used coax cables to connect tem to a splitter and/or a multiplexer. The multiplexer allows a combination of various signal sources or a signal camera to output to a video display like a TV or High definition monitor. 

The newer generation of camera allows use of a network much like a computer. There exist options of either a wired or wireless network. Many cameras even offer the option of remote control and have auto iris options as well as sound transmission. The relocation and redeployment of these camera is in many cases more cost effective than the older technologies due to the reduced likelihood of shorting a network or wireless vs a coax. Also like computers on a network they take advantage of the TCP/IP protocols and become nodes on your network meaning that they can often be individually observed by any computer that is a member of the same IP and subnet family.

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