Monday, November 24, 2008

What is Bluetooth?

Short answer – Bluetooth (IEEE Standard 802.15.1-2002) is a short range communication using a device’s internal radio to grant two way communication between enabled devices using Gaussian frequency shift keying (GFSK) AKA short burst frequency hoping.

Bluetooth typically requires you to enter an authorization key to connect it to the wireless network. The average range of most Bluetooth devices is 30 feet (thought some can work almost as far away as Wi-Fi) yet the speed of transfer is much slower version 1 = 1 Mbit/s and version 2 = 3 Mbit/s. It should be noted that there is an expectation to enable Bluetooth to handle broadband (WiMedia Alliance - 53 - 480 Mbit/s)

With Bluetooth you can transfer data (address books and pictures) and device control information (keyboards and mice)

Some of the devices that may have Bluetooth enabled transmitters and receivers are:

• Keyboards
• Nice
• Speakers
• Printers
• Game station consoles
• Headphones
• Cellular phones
• Cameras
• GPS Receivers

Note: There are 79 bands (seperated by 1 MHz)in Bluetooth starting at 2.402 GHz (look familiar)?

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