Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive on my main PC needs to be replaced, there are bad sectors on it corrupting the data. Simply worded it is becoming incapable of accurately storing information. Imagine for a second if you saw the color green and thought it was blue or for that matter could not remember seeing it at all?

The hard drive is the device in the computer that stores your data and your operating system. Think of it much like your brain. If anything happens to your brain some functions will be possible, the lights will light up and the keys will work be dependingon the extent of the damage either no one will be home, you will be non-responsive or you may start to do crazy random things like forget what happened, imagine things, or just remember incorrectly.

Unlike a human though a computer can have a brain transplant trick is making sure the technology is compatable with your PC depending on age.

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