Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A little information about recovering lost data

Windows uses a FAT (File Allocation Tables) or NTFS (NT File System) to allow the Widows O/S to know what it is looking for and where it resides. There are times that these indexes (just like you would use in a tabbed file system) get messed up. When you file the tabs off of file folders the data is still there it just takes extra effort to find it – same holds true for hard drives.

Now if a situation happens were a patter fails or say in a real life situation a fire burns and damages the folder – the data may still be there in parts but need to be reconstructed and yes there may be times when the data is just gone. Typically though to totally delete data you have to over write it multiple times and magnetically wipe the drive clean.. Currently drives are mechanical and with all mechanical devices failures do occur but services exists to recover your data especially if it has sentimental value or it is business critical.

Image care of wikimedia

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