Monday, November 17, 2008

No matter where you go there you are!

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So often people fail to face their problems not accepting responsibility for the role they had in creating them – this is bad for a person but it is fatal for a business. Some call it insanity, how many people have you seen move from one location to another constantly complaining about the problems they have or the people they encounter. The problem is not the other people it is the person they see everyday when they look in the mirror. A person must change and accept responsibility to realize different results and so many are not willing to do this instead blaming everything and everyone else.

About two years ago I did a post – I will not repost it in full but will the highlights

There were two women looking for a place to live because they had each gotten a new job, they each drove through this little town and saw a man sitting on the porch. They each asked the man what kind of people live here and the man answered what kind of people live where you are now? The first woman spewed many negative things about the people where she is moving from and the man responded – you will find the same type of people here while the second had nothing but praise of where she lived and how much she will miss them – again the old man said you will find those same type of people here.

  • How could he give the same answer to both women?
  • How does this relate to business?

Your attitude often is the only factor in your success or failure because often what you are seeing is people reacting to your core nature. Worded differently you can Change, Grow or Die.

Growth comes in many forms – one need but look at our current financial crisis and see the results of being stagnant and maintaining a status quo. Think of it this way – what happens to water that sits over a long period of time – it goes bad. Granted the problem s with the financial industry are deeper as well as auto – business models and infrastructure is being used to do things it was not designed – a failed or flawed system no matter how much you want it to work will fail time and time again - same holds true with your mind (BTW – I am amazed the leadership is just now starting to figure out the bailout will not work and that change must occur!)

I know it seems like I am skipping around but really this is a variation on a theme being growth, change and namely continuing education. As a business owner it is important that you never stop learning and growing. This can take many forms both structured and informal however is not suggested, but required. Have you ever wondered why professional organizations make continuing education a part of the requirements to maintain active membership? Simple, to keep information fresh, to remind people of and reinforce the basics, to allow people the chance learn new and more effective ways to do things, and to educate their members on what does and does not work. In short to allow you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, to not take advantage of this is tantamount to suicide and will lead to a slow and agonizing death.

Where can you get this knowledge?

There are many places to look

  • Internet websites
  • Business books
  • Business schools
  • Colleges, Universities and tech schools
  • Trade fairs
  • And so many other sources

A desire to learn shows your clients you are willing to grown and become more. It is an indication that you as a business or a business owner are willing to do everything in your power to realize your potential and utilize all of the tools available.

Ok – pop quiz

  • Question – How many of you think Sears is still just an appliance store?
  • Answer – Sears (appliances), Sears Logistics Service, Allstate Insurance, Hertz Rent a Car, K-Mart, Real Estate, Orchard Hardware, The Discover Card, etc

Just a little food for thought!

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