Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clear and concise communication

As a business this is important. So often business owners are obtuse and confused when people do not act or react in a way that makes sense to them and often the client or recipient of the information is not the one at fault (it is not their responsibility to interpret) rather it is yours to ensure you conveyed the information in a form and format the intended recipient can understand clearly and decisively.

I will be the first to admit that while my written, business and public communication skills are outstanding I have mush work to do in the personal arena and part of improving is first admitting there is an area that needs enhancement or augmentation. There are basically two approaches you can take to solve this
  1. Get someone who understands what you mean and is able to properly convey the idea
  2. Enhance your ability
Both work and are equally effective

Allow me to elaborate – the other day I was at a client site and was observing a contractor. He was explaining how tight money was and how it would be nice to have some extra change. The problem was at no point did he clearly state – I would like (if possible) for you to pay me the money owed for my work now.

Imagine doing a sales pitch and never asking for the business?

Can you imagine how effective I would be if I explained a technical problem like this:

  • “I have diagnosed your computer I have determined the problem lies in its ability to communicate with the external peripheral namely your printer which uses the IEEE1394 protocol and I fixed it.” 
I know your not impressed either right. Now what if I said:
  • “The reason your printer was not working is it was not plugged into the fire wire port here – once I plugged it in it worked.”

Better right – why – because I made an effort to explain things on a level the person could understand and built a common reference point by showing them the connection and port – get it!

Now lets take this internal to your business. Imagine you as am employer telling your employees things are tight now. In your mind you said where – that was easy I let them know the situation – truth is you did not – at no point did you clearly state definitively – payroll may be a little late but I promise as soon as I have the money you will be paid.

This is why developing your communication skills is important – it affects how effective you are in business.

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