Monday, November 17, 2008

Tech Tips: Basic PC trouble shooting tips

First off to be a good PC tech you must have a healthy amount of OCD and the ability to see patterns where others may see chaos. Secondly you should ideally have the ability to hear not what a person says but the meaning behind what hey are saying – example – Printer does not work – depending could mean that the person is unable to log into PC and access program profile that allows them to print or it would mean that the wrong default printer is selected. Lastly, you should be a person of high character because people are trusting you often with what they are in many cases using to generate revenue either actively or passively so they are placing their business in your hands.

Some basics

PC does not power up

  • Power
  • Power supply
  • Some other add in card

Video does not play in browser

  • Download flash or other browser add in

PC shuts down unexpectedly

  • Power
  • Power supply
  • Faulty Ram

Display does not show up properly

  • Corrupted video drivers
  • Bad video connection
  • Bad monitor

Email will not download

  • Check ISP
  • Check email settings
  • Make sure not secure server

If you have specific questions feel free to contact me

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