Monday, November 17, 2008

Business Tip: What characteristics should you look for when selecting a service provider?

  • Customer focused – they should be concerned with how they can help you achieve your goals not on pushing their own solution on you and forcing you to adjust to them
  • Focus – They should be committed to providing you the best possible solution to your problems
  • Integrity – they should be good to their word
  • Technical expertise/experience – they should have in house or access to the knowledge and resources to resolve your problems
  • References – Their portfolio of clients should substantiate their claims
  • Loyalty - You want to know that the company will stand with and by you in both good and bad times, especially bad
  • Partnership - You want to know the company views you as an extension of who they are not another firm to be exploited for your money to get stuff you do not need
  • Confidentiality - You want to know that while they may discuss issues that you company data and information is protected
  • Predictably - You need to know that you can count on their actions and words to aligned and that they are consistent

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