Monday, November 17, 2008

Business Tip: Character and long term success

Integrity is key to any success. You must be a person of your word and your clients must be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt you will deliver on what you commit regardless of circumstances – your personal or business situation is not their problem and should not affect your company’s ability to deliver solutions.

Too often businesses fail, not because they are not capable but so often they keep repeating the same cycles of behavior that lead to their failure. That is not to say they cannot succeed but that success will require system change in characteristics and behaviors. Take an alcoholic – they can succeed if they are smart enough to surround themselves with professionals who are sober and focused on their success – problems most alcoholics are repulsed by people who are not and actually believe people who are not as dysfunctional have issues – it is not their fault they are innocent.

So what does it take to be a success – it is simple really – be consistent, keep your word, abuse no one, and deliver your goods an/or services at a level that is equal to or exceeds the expectations of your clients. Remember it is not about you it is about them and business is very personal because it involves people, that part of the equation can never be forgotten as so often it is. Your customers are an investment like any relationship – you put your time into them and they should grow in value. You do that by listening to them and telling them not what you want to sell them but helping them achieve the goals they lay out and planning for eventualities they did not see. You should ideally be a service oriented person/business who is happy for the success of others because you understand that your client’s success means your success.

Understand that being so oriented will also have two effects – because it is not the norm many will doubt you and work to find fault and mistrust you after all that is not what people are taught. Over time what will happen as they grow to respect you and see you are a person of your word they will grow to rely on and trust your advice. At times though you will have to separate from a client not because the business was not good but because their values are too dissimilar and you would have to sacrifice yourself and your business to keep them – a modern day example of this is what happens to some who choose to do business with Wal-Mart not realizing their model of business does not align with their core business plan.

I will want you though be prepared because it will take in some cases year before people accept you or your model as genuine., Some will refuse to do business with you and think there must be an angle or a gimmick, but those clients you retain will be loyal and will whether a storm and eventually work of mouth will travel and there will be people who offer to help you achieve your goals and ask how can I help you – but understand it is a long term process but have faith that your words and the long term consistency of your actions will bare out.

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