Monday, November 17, 2008

Business Tip: great consultants

A poor consultant does not listen, pushes their wares onto the client and exploits them

A fair consultant listens and pushes what they have to sell and exploits the client

An average consultant listens and tries to customize their wares to the client and exploits them

A good consultant listens to what the client wants and works to find a solution to fit their needs

A great consultant serves the client first making them a priority and their sole focus, the listen to the needs and work to hear what is said, they become partners with the client and work to create unique solutions custom tailored not only to fit their current needs but anticipate their future needs - they are loyal and consistent and know that the client is their reason for existing and it is only by excellence in service that they thrive and grow. They are recommended to other clients by word of mouth and achieve a sustainable organic growth. Their reputation and character are above repute and they are known as subject matter experts, people of integrity, people of character and are highly valued and sought after.

Spearman Enterprises is striving for that level of greatness.

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