Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

My partial list:

  • Thankful for the liars – they taught me the value of integrity
  • Thankful for the disloyal – they taught the rarity of true friendship and family and appreciate those who stood by me and sacrificed for me even at times when I did not deserve it
  • Thankful for the manipulators – they taught me the importance of leadership
  • Thankful for the people who let me down – they taught me how resourceful and resilient I can be
  • Thankful for the failure – they taught me humility and gave the chance to learn about myself and new ways to do things
  • Thankful for the people too busy for me – they taught me to appreciate the people who think highly enough to invest their knowledge time in helping me
  • Thankful for my shortcomings – they provided me the chance to reflect on how far I had come and provide me a chance to improve
  • Thankful for the pain – it taught me to appreciate the joy
  • Thankful for what I lost – it taught me the value of what is really important
  • Thankful for my mistakes – they gave me a chance to grow
  • Thankful for the people who talk about me behind my back – they remind me that I must be on close to the right path because I do not conform to them
  • Thankful for the people who do not get or understand me or tried to change me – they taught me that we are all unique and to appreciate the unique gifts we each have and the importance of not using the copout of if you only observed because it is not their job to try to understand me, it is mine to make sure to the best of my ability the get what I mean so I must build common reference points

Bottom line I am thankful to be alive to have a chance to learn, grow, and become more than I was the day before and to move closer to my life goals with my friends, family, those that love, respect and accept me for who I am!

What are you thankful for?

Be well and remain blessed!

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